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What is Trickle-L ?

Trickle-L is an email discussion list originally established on the Internet by the Water Management Research Laboratory (USDA-ARS). The list focuses on drip irrigation technology which is sometimes referred to as Microirrigation. If you have access to e-mail, subscribing to Trickle-L is simple. After logging on you can send any question or comment to the list. Your posting will be delivered to everyone on the list.

As of April 2000, there are nearly 700 subscribers from 38 countries. Interact with an international assortment of irrigation engineers, scientists, growers, students, greenhouse managers, amateur gardeners and industry reps. Discuss all issues of drip irrigation!

To subscribe, simply send the following command (within the body of your email):

SUBSCRIBE TRICKLE-L FIRST NAME and LAST NAME to the e-mail address of the listserver

If you have trouble subscribing, contact Richard Mead at rmead@lightspeed.net

Read the Best of Trickle-L which includes its own search engine